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Friday, May 28, 2010

Francophone Festival, June 19th 2010, 12PM to 9PM

A musical fest to please everybody!
Kingston, May 19th 2010– The Centre culturel Frontenac (CCF) intend to
present a musical fest rich in musical diversity for the 2010 edition of
the Francophone Festival. With some oriental-tasty hip-hop with Kingston
native artist XLA, followed by 100% Ontarian French pop music with Stef
Paquette and with the groove master Béta, it's a sumptuous and plentiful
cultural meal that the CCF offers you on a silver tray.
Again this year, the Francophone Festival will be celebrated in the
heart of downtown Kingston, at Confederation Park, by the beautiful Lake
Ontario and in front of City Hall. All family activities and shows will
be held from 12PM to 9PM. Wear some green, the francophony's color,
bring your friends and come dance, sing and have fun with us on that day!
Young aspiring Kingston native artist XLA will link world inspired
sounds with creative today's poetry. With undoubtful creative talent,
XLA is considered as one of the most promising artist. From his earliest
childhood, he stands as a person who likes to try many artistic
instruments, learning piano, guitar, drums, and table (Egyptian
percussion). XLA's show presents hip-hop music, with a nice touch of
Middle East, which will surely make you dance.
Stef Paquette
Stef is native of Chelmsford, in North of Ontario. Recipient of the
prize 40 Under 40 as well as of the Merit Horace-Viau for the
French-speaking personality of the year, Stéphane is known for his
career as an author, compositor and singer. During its musical career,
he has been a finalist for Granby's International Song Festival, where
he won four prizes among which the Prize of the Press and the Prize of
the Best Presence on stage. His album L'homme exponentiel has been
nominated for Album of the year in the Official reception of Gala Trille
Or in 2005.
Dufresne is Béta, author, compositor and singer, and most
of all, a groove maker! In 2008, he presented his first album entitled
Les Lucioles, containing two major radio success : Chère Dahlia and Les
bonnes samaritaines. Those who saw him in sho can confirm that Béta is a
great performer! Accompanied with three musicians, Béta proposes a solid
rock and a current sound, a pop-electro-rock music trend.

Courriel: – Internet :

Phone : 613 546-1331
Francophone Festival
June 19th 2010
12PM to 9PM
Confederation Park - In case of rain, all activities will be held at the
Octave Theatre, 711 Dalton Avenue. On the morning of the event, call 613
546-1331 to know where the event will be.

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