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Friday, November 26, 2010

Call for Proposals: CFKA Spring 2011 Community Grants


Call for Proposals: CFKA Spring 2011 Community Grants


The Community Foundation for Kingston & Area is now accepting Letters of Intent for innovative projects that strengthen and enhance the quality of life within our community

We welcome applications in the areas Arts and Culture, Community Development, Education and Literacy, Environment, Health and Social Services, Heritage Preservation, Recreation, Youth. 


To be considered, please submit four copies of a Letter of Intent by

4:30 pm on Thursday, February 10, 2011.

All Letters of Intent are reviewed by an independent committee, and a limited number of applicants will be invited to submit a full Grant Application, due March 24, 2011.


The Letter of Intent Form and more information are available online: or by email:


Vera Kettnaker, Grants Coordinator

The Community Foundation for Kingston & Area

165 Ontario Street  Kingston ON   K7L 2Y6

T: 613.546.9696  |  F: 613.531.9238  |  |

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Steven McKay + Doctor Ew + Wax Mannequin: Tonight in Kingston!

Hey Kingstonians!


Just wanted to drop you a little reminder about a very special show tonight at the Mansion!  (506 Princess Street)


Last time he played in Kingston was opening for Forest City Lovers in September.

The ever charming, Queens U alumni,  x-Grad Club bartender, Steven McKay will be singing you warm, sweet melodies from his new self titled album and making you laugh with his entertaining stage banter. His voice has been described as a warm blanket, perfect for these chilly nights!



The malpractice defender, Doctor Ew will be sharing the stage + a band with Steven.

The Doctor will make your heads bop, shake and roll with his super catchy pop tunes.

Doctor Ew is Drew Smith of The Bicycles, and has a new album called Gadzooks!



And the evening will finish off with the absurdity that is Wax Mannequin.



Here's what Bootlog is saying about tonight ::



Hope you can make it out tonight!

Talk soon!




fuzzy_logo + circle - small email

Maria Bui :: 416-829-4338

140 Harrison St / Toronto, ON / M6J 2A4



Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Salon Prize Opening

The Salon Prize Opening Reception

November 6th 7-9:30

@ The Robert Macklin Gallery

(20 Market Street)

Come and see who wins the $1000

Refreshments will be provided

Fwd: Fat Goose Craft Fair: call for vendors, deadline extended


Fat Goose Craft Fair Sunday 12 December 6pm-11pm (an evening  event)
Renaissance Event Venue, 285 Queen St. (Corner of Queen and Barrie Streets), Downtown Kingston, ON
Hey there folks,

Yes, the Fat Goose Craft Fair, our favourite holiday season craft sale, is back (and boozy). It's an evening event this time 'round, and we're hosting it at a spiffy new venue where you can quaff egg nog and lounge by a fireplace. Super-interested? Read on!

So you know, Fat Goose is being brought to you by a crack team of crafters: Annie Clifford, Lucas Huang, Vincent Perez and Meredith Powell. Also, and as always, it's happily part of the Apple Crisp Arts continent. We thought it might be fun to sell the things we make alongside the charming things you make, and do it in a way that we all earn a million dollars and there's something nice to drink, too.

In an effort to help you make as much money as possible and to encourage beginning craftspeople to join in, we're trying to keep the cost of tables low. One of the ways we're trying is by working as volunteers. Another is to have everyone who sells at Fat Goose take on one or two little jobs, like putting up posters, stuffing flyers into mailboxes, or coming early to set up tables. We figure an hour of everybody's time will go a long way, and it means we can spend the bulk of our budget on advertising, which will bring unprecedented crowds to our fair, we're sure. And once at the fair, we hope to keep 'em around with a DJ, a bar, a spread, and our usual Fat Goose antics.

If you'd like to join us here at Fat Goose, please give us:
Your name
The name of your business (if any)
Your contact info
A brief bio and artist's statement
Five pictures of your work
Your preferred area of volunteering (no guarantees here, but a sense of what your skills and interests are):

Indicate which of the following suits you best:
Full table (2.5" by 8" table):  $45
Half table (2.5" x 4" table): $35
Additional charge for clothing rack space: $10/rack

And let us know if you have any special requests for set-up (e.g., You'd like to sit next to your BFF,  or you're in desperate need of an electrical outlet—they're limited, by the way).

Do this all via email to by November 10.  We'll get back to you by November 12, so that you'll have lots of time to make nifty stuff for the fair. 

For the small print, see below for "Rules, Regulations and Rhubarbs"


Vincent, Annie, Lucas and Meredith

Rules, Regulations and Rhubarbs

1. Be nice.

2. We only want things that are made by you... please don't plan on bringing anything made by other folks, even if it's your mom and you want to do her a favour, or things that are made in China — unless you made them while you were there.

3. We reserve the right to ask you to remove crafts from your table if they aren't similar in kind or quality to the photos you submitted or if we have reason to suspect that they weren't made by you, i.e. they're stamped Acme Co. on the bottom.

4. If you'd like to share a full table with someone else, and you will be selling only the things you've made together, that's grand. Otherwise, each of you should apply for one of our half tables.

5. We may have lots of, say, macrame weavers apply. If that's the case, even though we all love hanging plant holders, we'll only be able to accept a few of the finest macrame weavers in order to offer our shoppers the widest variety possible... so don't be mad. See rhubarb #1.

6. We reserve the right to accept or refuse anyone based on our sensibilities and our sensibilities alone. But some of the things we're excited about include: locally made work, unique and original ideas, high quality of product, and depth of process (that is, someone who makes it all from scratch). And we're gonna hold a spot or two for folks who are just beginning to make and sell things, so if you see stuff that you think isn't up to snuff, be generous and kind to the newbies. Again, see rhubarb #1.

7. Please arrive no earlier than 5 pm to set up. Please set up only in your spot and don't take up more room than you've asked for. Also, please don't begin taking your things down earlier than 11 pm... even if you're tired and mostly sold out, it's not fair to the other folks who are trying to make a buck.

Vincent Perez, Proprietor & Pressman
Everlovin' Press, Fine Letterpress Stationers

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fwd: October 29th trip opportunity to the Toronto International Art Fair !!!

Forwarded message from Karen Peperkorn:

Creative Arts will be going on a field trip to the Toronto International Art Fair on Friday, October 29, 2010.  Due to the many cancellations from students, we are now left with 14 seats left on the bus.  We will be leaving at 8 am from QECVI and returning at 9:30 pm.  We should arrive in Toronto at around 11 and will spend 3 hours at the TIA fair.  After this, there will be 3 hours free time in downtown Toronto.  The cost for the trip is $44.00.  If you have anyone interested please have them CALL THE CREATIVE ARTS CELLPHONE AT (613)-540-4134.

Please do not e-mail.  There isn't enough time to organize that at this end, as we are low tech!!!  

Many thanks,

Karen Peperkorn
Creative Arts/QECVI

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Academy Gallery Workshop Series

Academy Gallery Workshop Series


The Academy Gallery in Bath Ontario is presenting a fall painting workshop series:

October 19, 20 SHARON THOMPSON


November 15, 17 DANIEL HUGHES


November 22, 23 SANDRA GOLDIE



For more information/and or to register, visit the gallery website, or phone 613 352 5582

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Two events pay tribute to legendary Norman McLaren


Norman (A Tribute to Norman McLaren):  a groundbreaking multi-media tribute to the Andy Warhol of Canadian animation

One of Canada's pioneers of the film industry, this groundbreaking dance / theatre piece recounts the life and work of Norman McLaren. This critically acclaimed piece was the highlight of the Magnetic North Theatre Festival in May and 4D art will make a stop on its Canadian tour to present Norman (A Tribute to Norman McLaren) on Wednesday, October 27 at 7:30pm.

More than a mere retrospective, Norman gives audiences the opportunity to share 4D art's Peter Trosztmer's passion for the dance and movement that runs through the imaginary worlds of McLaren's films. Trosztmer goes to the offices of the National Film Board of Canada, where McLaren worked for most of his life, in order to get a better understanding of the motivation that drove this creative genius. He literally enters the films to dance, exchange, and interact with them. Trosztmer 's discoveries help us learn about the main themes of McLaren's life and work.

The incredible technology used in Norman is one created by 4D art. One of the signatures of their performances, their innovative use of virtual projection blends theatre, dance, film, music and spoken word together seamlessly.

Trotszmer screens interviews made with people who knew McLaren and his work; these holographs materialize out of thin air and appear onstage to guide Peter in his exploration, sharing their knowledge and feelings about the filmmaker. McLaren once said that if he hadn't been a filmmaker, he would have been a choreographer; this show uses movement (of light, of images, of the body) as a way to access his creative world. From Blinkity Blank (Palme d'Or in 1955) to Pas de deux (1968), from Begone Dull Care (1949) to Neighbours (Academy Award in 1952), this production will delight experts and neophytes alike.

 "…[W]hat creators Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon have achieved here is nothing short of a new level of (virtual) reality — using one art form (dance) to enhance and edify another (filmmaking.)" – Waterloo Record

In conjunction with this performance, the Grand Theatre is hosting Long Live McLaren, a co-presentation with Queen's University and Reelout Arts Project Inc. Blaine Allan, Associate Professor in the Film and Media department at Queen's University, will share the life and work of this cinematic genius with "An Introduction to Norman McLaren" on Wednesday, October 13, 7pm at the Baby Grand. Allan has taught and written extensively on Canadian film and television and will be discussing the cinematic genius of McLaren.

The evening continues with the Reelout Arts Project Inc. presentation of Long Live McLaren: Contemporary Canadian Queer Animation, a short film collection dedicated to the legacy of animation pioneer Norman McLaren. Featuring GLBTQ-identified artists, including emerging independents  andindustry-established filmmakers, Long Live McLaren further proves why Canada maintains a long history of innovation within the animation world. Using a wide range of techniques, the artists draw on the whimsy, humour, intelligence, and heart of McLaren's beloved works to produce fresh and exciting films for a contemporary world.  This event is free.


For tickets and information about subscriptions contact the Grand Theatre Box Office, Monday through Saturday, noon-6pm at (613) 530-2050 or . Visit the Grand Theatre online at .


For further information please contact Julie Fossitt, Marketing Administrator for the Grand Theatre, at (613) 546-4291 ext. 1143 or .

2010 Polaris Music Prize Nominee Dan Mangan is coming to Kingston

For Immediate Release:

2010 Polaris Music Prize Nominee Dan Mangan Announces The "Peculiar Travel Suggestions" Tour.  

Hot on the heels of the August 10th U.S. release date of his Polaris Music Prize nominated album Nice, Nice, Very Nice, and almost a year to the day the album came out north of border, the 2009 Verge XM Artist Of The Year and three time 2010 Western Canadian Music Award nominee announces Canadian fall tour dates. From churches to halls to theatres, the "Peculiar Travel Suggestions" tour will see Dan and his band perform at some of the most beautiful and awe inspiring music venues this country has to offer. Supporting Dan on the eastern leg of the tour will be Harbourcoats, the new solo project from Constantines frontman Bry Webb while the western dates will see
Ontario's The Burning Hell open for the band. 


"It's refreshing to take the show to some alternative venues and push for a more intimate and unique concert experience. To boot, I could hardly be more thrilled with the bands we're playing with - having met them both during an unbelievable weekend at Dawson City Music Festival. The Burning Hell blew me away up there, and Bry's solo work is equally as important, cutting and remarkable as The Cons'. Truly humbling acts."

In the meantime, Dan is currently making his way across the U.S. opening for bands such as Wooden Birds, Okkervil River, The Walkmen and Japandroids right up until mid September when he then heads across the Atlantic for three weeks of dates in Europe. Then it is over to New York for CMJ and the "Peculiar Travel Suggestions" tour begins. Of course Dan shows no signs of slowing down after that with Australian dates on the horizon for December and January.

Peculiar Travel Suggestions Tour

Oct 25 - Montreal, QC @ Sala Rossa w/ Harbourcoats
Oct 27 - London, ON @ Aeolian Hall w/ Harbourcoats
Oct 28 - Toronto, ON @ Trinity St. Paul's Church w/ Harbourcoats
Oct 29 - Kingston, ON @ Sydenham United Church w/ Harbourcoats
Doors 7pm Show 8pm tickets available at Brian's Record Option/The Grad Club/Tricolour Outlet and online All Ages General Admission 
Oct 30 - Ottawa, ON @ First Baptist Church w/ Harbourcoats
Nov 13 - Vancouver, BC @ The Vogue Theatre w/ The Burning Hell
Nov 15 - Canmore, AB @ Communitea Cafe w/ The Burning Hell
Nov 16 - Edmonton, AB @ Myer Horowitz Theatre w/ The Burning Hell
Nov 17 - Calgary, AB @ Knox United Church w/ The Burning Hell
Nov 19 - Winnipeg, MB @ The Park Theatre w/ The Burning Hell
Nov 20 - Saskatoon, SK @ The Broadway Theatre w/ The Burning Hell

"Mangan is not only a superior songwriter, but also a poetically compelling singer. ...Mangan establishes himself as a ferociously savvy songwriter with intense musicality. Every time you listen to this album, expect your heart to break more, not always out of sadness, but out of sheer awe at the simple beauty he weaves in his music" San Francisco Chronicle



print/radio/online media – killbeat music / 604 683 2124 /

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kingston Arts Council Venue Tour

In the interest of increasing the number
of accessible public arts events in Kingston,
The Kingston Arts Council has begun to
provide tours of Kingston arts venues,
starting on:

Thursday Oct 7th, 2010 3:30pm - 6:30pm

This first tour will include information on
sound equipment & rentals, venue acoustics
and rental information, in addition to how
Kingston can improve on providing more
accessible public arts events.

#1 The Artel  3:30pm  (

#2 The Grand Theatre ( 4:30pm

#3 Sydenham Street United Church ( 5pm

#4 Upper Canada Academy of Art #260 Brock Street  5:30pm

#5 Market Square Outdoor Theatre  6pm

#6 The Sleepless Goat Café ( 6:30pm

The admission for this tour will be By Donation

For more information, please contact:

Greg Tilson
Program Coordinator
Kingston Arts Council

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kingston Culture Plan Approved By City Council


Kingston Culture Plan Approved By City Council


I wanted to take this is opportunity to pass along word that the Kingston Culture Plan was approved by Kingston City Council on Tuesday, September 21 by unanimous vote.  This is a very exciting moment as this show of support will help to strengthen and grow culture in Kingston as we begin the process of implementing the many diverse recommendations contained within the plan.


We are very pleased that Kingston's first ever Culture Plan has been recognized by City Council as a priority for the City.  This is a transformative plan for the community and the region that will position Kingston in the 21st century creative economy.  I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have been involved in this process who provided their insights and ambitions in support of culture in Kingston.


We would also like to thank the team from the Canadian Urban Institute as well as all the consultants who were involved in this process for facilitating such a wide range of consultations both inside City Hall and within the community.  As a result of the numerous meetings, workshops and discussions that were held between September 2009 and May 2010 we were able to work together to identify a shared set of needs, aspirations and values to shape the cultural development of the Kingston community over the next 10 years.


As we begin the work to implement the Kingston Culture Plan we also look forward to the new role that the Cultural Services department will play.  As described in the KCP, it will be necessary for Cultural Services to function as a municipal cultural development agency that organizes the resources, knowledge and experience within the community to support cultural vitality throughout the city as a whole. Moving forward, I share the sentiments of Colin Wiginton, Manager, Cultural Services, who has stated that the Kingston Culture Plan presents a very exciting opportunity to build on the strengths that already exist in this city and to share our stories and our creativity with each other and with the world.


The Kingston Culture Plan as approved by City Council is now available on line at  You can also sign up on line to be part of the Kingston Culture Plan mailing list to receive notice of opportunities related to building our city's cultural vitality. Printed copies of the KCP will also be available through the City Clerk's office and any additional questions can be can be directed to Colin Wiginton, Manager, Cultural Services, at (613) 546-4291 ext. 1357 or


Brian McCurdy, Cultural Director

City of Kingston

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Culture Days @ Agnes Etherington Art Centre

full cmyk address.jpg



Friday 24 – Sunday 26 September


Join us for Culture Days, a collaborative pan-Canadian celebration of arts and culture from coast to coast to coast. The Art Centre will waive admission fees for three days to allow visitors to enjoy:


Tours – Friday 12:15 pm. Docents also in galleries Saturday and Sunday.


The Big Draw – Kingston artist Dave Gordon leads an informal drawing workshop for all ages and skill levels. Drop in, try a range of materials and get some tips. Saturday, 1– 5 pm.


The Print Sprint – Flex your creative muscles with Rebecca Cowan, a Kingston printmaker, who will demonstrate how to create a drypoint print on our traditional etching press. Young visitors can create their own prints using simple relief and stencil methods. Drop-in, Sunday, 1– 5 pm.



Agnes Etherington Art Centre | Queen's University | Kingston ON | K7L 3N6
t 613.533.2190 | fax 613.533.6765 |



Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Figurative Painting Class this Fall!

From: Claire Grady-Smith <>

My name is Claire Grady-Smith, and I am spreading the word about a
figurative painting course I'll be teaching this fall at the Kingston
School of Art. This adult course is intended for anyone who wishes to
engage with a community of emerging artists who support and provide
encouraging criticism of each others' hard work.

Course structure will be consensus-based with myself as an experienced
guide, rather than didactic ruler. We will discuss, for example, the
possibility of hiring a model for a session or two, but for the most
part we will be painting memories and narratives using photographs and
found images.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in this affordable, fun
Thursday evening class, please pass along this information. The course
would be ideal for students working on a portfolio, or adults who have
had an idea for a painting percolating for years.

The class is filling up, so please make your move if you are

Here is a link for the course:

And a link to my website, eternally under construction:



Claire Grady-Smith
MA Candidate
Cultural Studies Program
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario

OAC: Info Session on grants for media artists


Are you an audio/sound, new media, digital, film or video artist in Ontario?
Do you want to know more about OAC grants?

Sign up for a FREE Online
Information Session
on OAC grants to Media Artists

September 28, 2010
6 8 p.m. EDT

Register by September 24, 2010

The session will cover the Media Arts grant programs, including topics such as:

  • Types of projects funded
  • Size of grants available
  • Eligibility (i.e. who can apply)
  • Grant writing tips
  • Support material
  • The jury process, and how grant decisions are made

    This session will be interactive, so you will be free to ask any questions you may have about the Ontario Arts Council and get more information about eligibility, grant writing, deadlines and more.

    Before you attend the session, read the program guidelines for the following programs:

    Technical Requirements:

    • All you need is a computer with internet access and a telephone line.

    Meet the following Ontario Arts Council Staff:

    • Mark Haslam, Media and Visual Arts Officer
    • Bushra Junaid, Outreach and Development Manager

    For information about OAC grant programs, guidelines and application forms, call 1-800-387-0058, email or visit

    This session will be in English only.

    If you wish to receive information in French, please contact Claudette Jaiko at or 1-800-387-0058 ext.7427.


    Please forward this invitation!

    Email this message or place this flyer on bulletin boards in your area!

    If you have already received this message, we apologize for the repetittion.





    Êtes-vous un artiste du son, des nouveaux médias, des médias numériques, du film et de la vidéo ?

    Souhaitez-vous en savoir plus sur les subventions du CAO ?

    Inscrivez-vous à notre séance d'information GRATUITE en ligne
    qui aura lieu
    le 28 septembre 2010, de 18 h à 20 h

    Inscrivez-vous d'ici le 24 septembre 2010.

    Veuillez noter que cette séance se déroulera en anglais seulement.

    Sujets abordés pendant la séance :

    • Les programmes des arts médiatiques
    • Les types de projets subventionnés
    • L'ampleur des subventions offertes
    • L'admissibilité (qui peut faire une demande)
    • Les conseils de rédaction des demandes de subventions
    • Le matériel d'appui
    • Le processus suivi par les jurys et le processus décisionnel d'octroi des subventions

      Cette séance se déroulera sous forme interactive.

      • Vous aurez l'occasion de poser des questions sur le Conseil des arts de l'Ontario et d'obtenir plus de renseignements sur l'admissibilité aux programmes, sur la rédaction des demandes, sur les dates limites et sur bien d'autres sujets encore.

      Exigences techniques

      • Pour participer à cette séance, vous n'avez besoin que d'un ordinateur doté d'une connexion Internet (peu importe la vitesse de transmission) et d'un téléphone.

      Personnel du CAO participant :

      • Mark Haslam, Responsable des arts médiatiques et visuels
      • Bushra Junaid, Chef de la liaison et du développement.

      Pour tout renseignement en français :

      • Claudette Jaiko, Responsable des arts franco-ontariens, 416-969-7427, sans frais 1-800-387-0058, poste 7427,

      Pour obtenir les renseignements généraux et les formulaires de demande des programmes de subvention du CAO, composez le 1-800-387-0058, envoyez un courriel à ou visitez le


      Faites suivre cette invitation !

      Faites suivre ce message par courriel ou imprimez et affichez-le sur les babillards de votre région !

      Si vous avez déjà reçu ce message, veuillez nous excuser de cette répétition.




      Monday, September 13, 2010

      WritersFest Update: Words and Music

       Words and Music
      Montreal author Eric Siblin and internationally renowned cellist Denise Djokic explore Bach's cello suites with veteran music broadcaster Eric Friesen.
      A Musical Awakening

      Eric SiblinEric Siblin was a pop-music critic when he became obsessed with Bach's cello suites and Pablo Casals, who discovered the music in a second-hand shop and became its champion. Winner of many awards, The Cello Suites interweaves the story of the writing and playing of the suites with Siblin's awakened passion for the music.

      "One of the most extraordinary, clever, beautiful and impeccably researched books I have read in years."
      祐imon Winchester

      Poise and Power
      Denise DjokicThat's how The Washngton Post describes the virtuoso performance of cellist Denise Djokic, who has been praised worldwide for her sensitive interpretations, technical virtuosity, and her bold command of the instrument. Winner of Quebec's Prix Opus, Denise will accompany Eric Siblin's reading from The Cello Suites.
      The Signature Voice of Classical Music

      Eric FriesenAs a CBC broadcaster, Eric Friesen interviewed such musical figures as Yo-Yo Ma, Lyle Lovett, k. d. lang, and the Marsalis brothers. He conducted onstage interviews at Umbria's Trasimeno Music Festival with Vikram Seth and Ian McEwen and recently completed six podcast documentaries for to mark the 40th anniversary of the National Arts Centre Orchestra.

      The Cello Suites
      Eric Siblin and Denise Djokic in conversation with Eric Friesen
      Friday September 24, 2010, 4:30 - 6:00pm
      Tickets $12.50

      KWF Scorpion man Book Now! Kingston WritersFest                   
      60 writers. 50 events. 5 days.
      September 22-26, 2010
      For tickets call 613-530-2050 or visit

      Find out more about Kingston WritersFest 2010!

      For author profiles, events listings, ticketing information and more, visit

      Tickets on sale August 12 at the Grand Theatre Box Office, in person, by phone (613.530.2050) or online at

      Please join us on Facebook.

      If you received this email from a friend and would like to receive future emails, please use this form on our website contact page to subscribe.
      Kingston WritersFest
      130 Johnson Street
      Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7L 1X8

      Friday, September 10, 2010

      SparkBox Studio - Square2 Magazine Launch Party

      The Square2 team is thrilled to announce the release of their second issue. With
      more local artists, as well as some great outside talent, issue two is packed with
      great artists, writers, playwrights and musicians. We have gone up in pages and
      are happy to say we will be one of the first Eastern Ontario magazines to create
      an iPad version!

      The fall issue of Square2 will be launched at Sly-Fi Chapel in Trenton in
      conjunction with Emily Fennell's "Thank You" concert on September 25th. The
      evening will be filled with good music and interesting reads. Everyone that
      attends the event will be given a special edition copy of the magazine with a CD
      from Emily Fennell. Be sure to contact for ticket
      information (there will be limited seating). We hope you will come out for the
      launch of our second issue!

      Follow us on twitter and facebook to find out more information about the event
      and future issues.

      New Exhibitions open at Modern Fuel September 18


      Genda and Santos

      In the Main Gallery:
      Homelands with Dagmara Genda and Marigold Santos
      18 September – 23 October, 2010
      Reception: Saturday 25 September 2010 @7pm
      Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre, 21 Queen St., Kingston ON

      "Homelands" pairs the drawings of Dagmara Genda and Marigold Santos, highlighting the role of place and space in the construction of identity.  Genda's practice stems from three interests that inter-relate and inform each other -- nationalism, space, and identity -- topics that directly relate to her childhood immigration from Communist Poland to Canada.  Her drawings in this exhibition bring together Soviet and Western influences. Santos presents a series of drawings inspired by childhood memories of her family's immigration from the Philippines when she was six years old.  Visitors to "Homelands" will be awarded multiple points of entry into a surreal exploration of a continuous search for the physical or fantastical notions of home.  Genda and Santos will be presenting artist talks in the Education Tent of the Kingston Multicultural Festival in Kingston's Confederation Park at 2 and 3pm on Saturday the 25th of September, with a reception to follow at Modern Fuel at 7pm.

      Dagmara Genda (Saskatoon, SK) is a Polish-Canadian artist and writer with a BFA Honours in painting at the University of Manitoba and an MFA at the University of Western Ontario. Genda has exhibited cross-country with the support of the Saskatchewan Arts Board, published with Locus Suspectus magazine and written for Forest City Gallery in London, Ontario and AKA Gallery in Saskatoon.

      Marigold Santos (Montreal, QC) pursues an inter-disciplinary art practice involving drawn and printed works, sculpture, animation, and sound. She completed her BFA in Print at the University of Calgary in 2006, is a recipient of numerous awards, and has exhibited her work within Canada, United States, and Japan.

      In the State of Flux Gallery:
      Sikhing by Mia Sandhu
      18 September – 23 October, 2010
      Reception: Saturday 25 September 2010 @7pm

      Mia Sandhu (Toronto, ON) presents new work that stems from her fascination with religion, culture, and life experience, and adds a measured dose of humour and surrealism. Since graduating from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University in Halifax, her work has had an emphasis on portraiture and a focus on issues regarding identity and belonging in Canada.

      For further information, contact:
      Michael Davidge or Bronwyn McLean
      Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre
      21A Queen St, Kingston, ON, K7K 1A1
      (613) 548-4883

      --  Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre 21 Queen St, Kingston ON  K7K 1A1 Phone: (613) 548-4883 Gallery Hours 12-5, Tuesday through Saturday. Admission is free, we hope to see you soon!

      Johnny Winter Brockville Sept 11 - John Primer Oct 1 & 2 Picton/Cobourg - Lee Harvey Osmond Picton Sept 16

      Johnny Winter Brockville Arts Centre, Ontario,  Canada,  Saturday September 11th 8pm with special guest opener Jimmy Bowskill.  Johnny and Jimmy, two great rockin' blues guitarists together on one bill.

                                                         "JOHNNY WINTER, ONE OF THE GREATEST GUITARISTS OF ALL TIME!"...Rolling Stone


      Johnny's backup band are all top players, session musicians and road veterans.  One of the tightest bands you will ever see.  Johnny has been getting younger and his performance at Showplace in Peterborough in April was "One of the Best performances I have ever seen Johnny give!" ,  that's the report from many who attended.  

      Opening Act Jimmy Bowskill has been sharing bills with Jeff Beck and some of the biggest names in the business on his European tours.  He puts on a great Rockin' Blues show.

      Tickets $41.50 plus s/c and hst available by phoning 1-877-342-7122.  The Brockville Arts Centre is one of the nicest theatres in Ontario.  Beautiful historic building with exceptional sound and sight lines.

      NEXT WORLD CLASS BLUES SHOW:  JOHN PRIMER AND HIS CHICAGO BLUES BAND OCTOBER 1 PICTON REGENT THEATRE AND OCTOBER 2ND VICTORIA HALL COBOURG.  John is one of the last of the original journeymen Chicago Blues Legends having been band leader for Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy and Willie Dixon.  His band features veterans from the Chicago Blues scene.  He is a Grammy Award nominee and a multiple Blues Award winner.  Picton Box Office 1-877-411-4761 and Cobourg Box Office 1-905-372-2210.  Both venues are beautiful historic concert halls.  Tour sponsored by The Acoustic Grill Picton, fantastic pub and eatery and County Cider, the best hard cider on the planet

         THE ACOUSTIC GRILL PRESENTS:  Lee Harvey Osmond Thursday September 16th, 8pm at the Historic Regent Theatre .  Phone 1-877-411-4761 for tickets.

                                                                                      Full Details always at

      SPECIAL NOTE:  A once in a life time record collection has been traded into Zap Records 14 King East Cobourg.  Original mint Blues, Jazz, Rock, the best I have seen in 20 years!  Phone 1-877-562-2222.

      JAZZ SHOW AT THE COVE NOT TO BE MISSED! The Doxas Brothers 4tet, feat. John Abercrombie and John Menegon

      From Seamus @ The Cove in Westport:
      I have some amazing news for jazz and music lovers!  Some great
      friends and school mates of mine and my brother, Chet and Jimmy Doxas
      from Montreal will be performing one show only at the Cove Fri.Sept.17
      @ 8-11pm.
      If anyone remembers our friends of the jazz quintet called The Story
      from NYC who played here last winter, they should know that this is of
      a similar level and calibre of jazz at The Cove!
      The world famous guitarist John Abercrombie  will be joining the Doxas
      Brothers with John Menegon for a high powered night. This is a show
      not to be missed in our area!  Please call me you have any questions
      Also, find the press release below if you would like to forward to any
      and all of your music loving friends.
      Show is $15 and reservations are recommended.
      Thanks and hope to see you all out!

      The Doxas Brothers Quartet, feat. John Abercrombie and John Menegon

      Over the last few years, The Cove has grown into a formidable venue
      for not only homegrown, but  world class talent.  The popular Blues on
      the Rideau Series going into it's 6th season, the 4th Annual
      MUSICwestport Festival and the 13th year of Thursday Jazz Night  with
      The Spencer Evans Trio featuring co-owners Jeff and Seamus Cowan have
      contributed greatly to this venue's attraction.  With the musical
      knowledge and expertise of the Cowan brothers being members of the
      Westport Arts Council and trained musicians themselves, this
      destination can only grow.

      The Cowans honed their musical training in Montreal where they lived
      for about 10 years studying at McGill University in the Jazz Program.
        They received training from some of the country's best players and
      played along side some of the best up and comers as well.  Two of
      those were Jim and Chet Doxas from Montreal whose family along with
      father George Doxas have been fixtures of the Montreal scene for a few
      decades.  On this date, Chet and Jim have brought together two
      generations of musicians at the top of the jazz world with the common
      thread being a devotion to great improvising. The group's repertoire
      is comprised of original works from each band member and many of the
      compositions are written specifically for this quartet. Together,
      saxophonist Chet Doxas and drummer Jim Doxas  have established
      international reputations as two of the most promising improvisors of
      their generation, both in their early 30's. Bassist John Menegon's
      credits read like the evolution of modern jazz. Menegon has performed
      and recorded alongside Pat Metheny, Jack DeJohnette, Joe Lovano, and
      Lee Konitz, to name very few. John Abercrombie's contribution to the
      guitar and jazz music is undeniable. With an active career spanning
      over 50 years, Abercrombie is an artist who at once embraces the jazz
      tradition and creates it. His relationship with the record label ECM
      has seen Abercrombie produce some of the most important jazz albums in
      the last 30 years.

      Show is $15 from 8-11pm.  Reservations are recommended. 1.888.268.3466 <> <>

      RCHA Special Event October 2

      The RCHA (Royal Canadian Horse Artillery) Club extends a warm invitation to everyone to join us in celebrating it's 1st Annual Oktoberfest Dinner & Dance!!!

      Date: Saturday October 2nd, 2010 at 6 p.m.

      An Authentic Oktoberfest dinner will be served shortly after 6pm.

      (Note: The bar will have German Weissbier in addition to their regular beers on tap available for purchase on this special occasion).

      For your entertaining pleasure, The Confederation Jazz Band will perform oompah music starting at 8pm.

      To commemorate this fun event, come dressed in German Oktoberfest attire for a chance to win a prize for best costume (Optional).

      There will be a 50/50 draw as well as several draws for special prizes throughout the evening (hold your lucky numbered ticket(s)!!!).

      Tickets are $15.00/person and must be purchased in advance. So please hurry and buy your tickets before they're all gone....ticket sale ends September 26, 2010. You may buy your ticket(s) at the RCHA Club (3rd floor) at 193 Ontario St., tel# (613) 542-8152. For any queries, contact Susie Edgecombe by email at

      We look forward to seeing you all soon and trust you'll have a great time!


      Alex Cuba @ LiveWire Tonight! - Friday 7:30

      This is a quick reminder of the enormous talent of
       The Alex Cuba Band
      coming to Live Wire this Friday Sept.10 at The Octave. Note our new earlier start time of 7:30 pm. Alex Cuba is a 2 time Juno Award winner, who puts on a dynamic live show, taking Cuban music to places you didn't know even existed. Opening is Kingston's own Bob Robertson Trio. It's going to be a spectacular start to the new season and it looks like we'll have a full house. If you want me to save you a seat or 2 at the advance price of $20 click back to me and I'll have them for you at the door.
                                                                          See you at the music
      Alex Cuba Band with special guest Bob Robertson Trio
      Friday Sept.10  7:30 pm
      Octave Theatre, 711 Dalton Ave. Kingston
      Tickets: $20 in advance, $25 at the door, available at Brian's Record Option (542--2452) Tara Foods and Renaissance Music

      September Events at Wintergreen

      We have a three events Wintergreen this month  --
      • Learn to make beautiful fused glass (and create a few gifts well in advance of the holidays while you're at it), at the Fused Glass Workshop taking place on the weekend of September 17-19. Four spaces remaining! Bring a friend/partner/child/grandchild/other guest, and you'll each receive at 20% discount on tuition.
      • We're having one of our monthly musical feasts on September 18 -- featuring local foods prepared at Wintergreen and the trio Fireweed. Tickets are $30 and include dinner and entertainment. Email us if you'd like tickets reserved. DInner is at 6 pm; concert begins at 7:30.
      • There is a free-of-charge Open House on September 19, when you can visit Wintergreen and learn more about our off-grid facilities.

      Details on all of these events are on our website. Take a look -- and come join us!

      Best wishes,

      Brigit W. Charles
      Program Manager


      This message was sent to you by Wintergreen Studios

      9780 Canoe Lake Rd
      PO Box 75
      Yarker, ON K0K 3N0

      Thursday, September 9, 2010

      Queen's Conservatory of Music - Open House

      Queen's Conservatory of Music Open House

      Description: Queen's Conservatory of Music invites everyone to come out to our Open House event on Sunday September 12 from 2pm to 4pm. You will get a chance to speak to the instructors, hear some live music, register and find out what goes on here.  Children age 4-5 and their parents can attend a Preview Class @ 2:00 for the Yamaha Junior Music Course.  Refreshments provided. A family event for all music enthusiasts!

      venue: Harrison-LeCaine Hall, Queen's University
      39 Bader Lane
      Tel: 613-533-2934

      Admission: free

      Kingston WritersFest: The Future of Storytelling

       The Future of Storytelling
      Is it a book? A comic? A film adaptation?
      Bicycle thief Igor Kenk all mashed up in ground-breaking graphic novel

      KENK cover imageKENK: A Graphic Portrait is a cutting edge cultural hybrid created not by an author but by a creative team of謡riter, filmmaker, illustrator, and producer. Soon to be an animated short, it is based on the story of Igor Kenk, named by The New York Times "the world's most prolific bicycle thief."

      Frames of video have been frozen, photocopied, scratched and smeared.

      KENK teamJoin Queen's alumni Jason Gilmore (producer) and Alex Jansen (filmmaker, designer) and team members Nick Marinkovich (illustrator) and Craig Small (animation director) for a look at how the book was made and what's next. In conversation with Clarke Mackey, author of Random Acts of Culture.

      Graphics Plus: The Story of Kenk
      Thursday September 23, 7:00 - 8:15 pm
      Ellis Auditorium, 59 University Avenue, Queen's University
      Tickets $12.50
      Free rush seats for Queen's students
      KWF Scorpion manBook Now! Kingston WritersFest                   
      60 writers. 50 events. 5 days.
      September 22-26, 2010
      For tickets call 613-530-2050 or visit

      Find out more about Kingston WritersFest 2010!

      For author profiles, events listings, ticketing information and more, visit

      Tickets on sale August 12 at the Grand Theatre Box Office, in person, by phone (613.530.2050) or online at

      Please join us on Facebook.

      If you received this email from a friend and would like to receive future emails, please use this form on our contact page to subscribe.
      Kingston WritersFest
      130 Johnson Street
      Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7L 1X8

      Theatre Kingston's September News

      th K banner
      September 9 2010
      Theatre Kingston's
       September News Letter

      Children's Drama Club

      · Mondays - Junior Club - Grades K - 3 - 6:30 - 7:30*

      · Tuesdays - Senior Club - Grades 4 - 8 - 6:30 - 8:30

      · The Club begins October 4th and  5th and runs through to April at

         Calvin Park P.S. (very central & lots of parking!)

      · From September to December the focus is on theatre craft

         & technique, improv & drama games, voice work etc.

      · From January to April students will go into full rehearsal mode for their final gala performance!!!

      · The Club concludes with a fully staged public production

          in a theatre with lights, costumes and a captive
      audience of over 500 school kids and a Saturday matinee for the public!

      · Parents are encouraged to be involved in a variety of ways.

      · The fee for October to April is $350 (Senior) & $200 (Junior)

      * Juniors participate in Sat. matinee performance only.



      Call 613 544- 2021 for more information

      or email at


       You are cordially invited to

      Theatre Kingston's 2010/2011 Season launch party!


      Join us for a sneak preview of our season!


      Find out about great deals for

      Theatre Kingston & Grand Theatre Presents

      theatre packages.


      Be the first to book special Director's Circle seats.


      When: Wednesday, September 15th, 2010, 5 to 7 p.m. 


      Where: Davies Lounge, Grand Theatre


      Complimentary appetizers and cash bar


      RSVP to Theatre Kingston

      613-544-2021 or

      email us at