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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fwd: Fat Goose Craft Fair: call for vendors, deadline extended


Fat Goose Craft Fair Sunday 12 December 6pm-11pm (an evening  event)
Renaissance Event Venue, 285 Queen St. (Corner of Queen and Barrie Streets), Downtown Kingston, ON
Hey there folks,

Yes, the Fat Goose Craft Fair, our favourite holiday season craft sale, is back (and boozy). It's an evening event this time 'round, and we're hosting it at a spiffy new venue where you can quaff egg nog and lounge by a fireplace. Super-interested? Read on!

So you know, Fat Goose is being brought to you by a crack team of crafters: Annie Clifford, Lucas Huang, Vincent Perez and Meredith Powell. Also, and as always, it's happily part of the Apple Crisp Arts continent. We thought it might be fun to sell the things we make alongside the charming things you make, and do it in a way that we all earn a million dollars and there's something nice to drink, too.

In an effort to help you make as much money as possible and to encourage beginning craftspeople to join in, we're trying to keep the cost of tables low. One of the ways we're trying is by working as volunteers. Another is to have everyone who sells at Fat Goose take on one or two little jobs, like putting up posters, stuffing flyers into mailboxes, or coming early to set up tables. We figure an hour of everybody's time will go a long way, and it means we can spend the bulk of our budget on advertising, which will bring unprecedented crowds to our fair, we're sure. And once at the fair, we hope to keep 'em around with a DJ, a bar, a spread, and our usual Fat Goose antics.

If you'd like to join us here at Fat Goose, please give us:
Your name
The name of your business (if any)
Your contact info
A brief bio and artist's statement
Five pictures of your work
Your preferred area of volunteering (no guarantees here, but a sense of what your skills and interests are):

Indicate which of the following suits you best:
Full table (2.5" by 8" table):  $45
Half table (2.5" x 4" table): $35
Additional charge for clothing rack space: $10/rack

And let us know if you have any special requests for set-up (e.g., You'd like to sit next to your BFF,  or you're in desperate need of an electrical outlet—they're limited, by the way).

Do this all via email to by November 10.  We'll get back to you by November 12, so that you'll have lots of time to make nifty stuff for the fair. 

For the small print, see below for "Rules, Regulations and Rhubarbs"


Vincent, Annie, Lucas and Meredith

Rules, Regulations and Rhubarbs

1. Be nice.

2. We only want things that are made by you... please don't plan on bringing anything made by other folks, even if it's your mom and you want to do her a favour, or things that are made in China — unless you made them while you were there.

3. We reserve the right to ask you to remove crafts from your table if they aren't similar in kind or quality to the photos you submitted or if we have reason to suspect that they weren't made by you, i.e. they're stamped Acme Co. on the bottom.

4. If you'd like to share a full table with someone else, and you will be selling only the things you've made together, that's grand. Otherwise, each of you should apply for one of our half tables.

5. We may have lots of, say, macrame weavers apply. If that's the case, even though we all love hanging plant holders, we'll only be able to accept a few of the finest macrame weavers in order to offer our shoppers the widest variety possible... so don't be mad. See rhubarb #1.

6. We reserve the right to accept or refuse anyone based on our sensibilities and our sensibilities alone. But some of the things we're excited about include: locally made work, unique and original ideas, high quality of product, and depth of process (that is, someone who makes it all from scratch). And we're gonna hold a spot or two for folks who are just beginning to make and sell things, so if you see stuff that you think isn't up to snuff, be generous and kind to the newbies. Again, see rhubarb #1.

7. Please arrive no earlier than 5 pm to set up. Please set up only in your spot and don't take up more room than you've asked for. Also, please don't begin taking your things down earlier than 11 pm... even if you're tired and mostly sold out, it's not fair to the other folks who are trying to make a buck.

Vincent Perez, Proprietor & Pressman
Everlovin' Press, Fine Letterpress Stationers

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