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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Award winning playrights in Kingston/Inverary!

Christine Harvey and Anna Kidd, both proudly active in the Kingston theatre community, have won the 2010 Shubert Fendrich Memorial Playwriting Contest through Pioneer Scripts for their play: "Othello: a Tragic Comedy in Way Too Many Acts"
Play Synopsis as it appears in the Pioneer Scripts Catalogue: You may love Shakespeare's tragedies, but you've never seen one like this! You'll laugh heartily at this tragedy-turned-comedy, even with the egotistical and manipulating Iago (bom, bom, bom!) directing the blindly-trusting Othello and his friends into destruction.  Unlike the original play, nobody dies; they just kick the bucket... literally!  The play closely follows original Othello story lines and fluently weves traditional language into modern dialogue while requiring only a minamalist set and a small cast.  This modernized, fun and fast-paced version addresses original Shakespearian themes such as death, love, jealousy and betrayal with wit, humour and a cast of wacky characters.  The flighty and airheaded Desdemona, an evil laugh obsessed Iago, the sob-story Roderigo and a fun-loving, lemonade-happy Cassio make this "tragic comedy" both highly entertaining and educational for audiences of all ages.
This play was selected as the 2010 winner because "it stood out from the crowd for turning the learning of basic characters and plot points of a classic Shakespearian tragedy into pure, unadulterated fun."
"Othello: a Tragic Comedy in Way Too Many Acts" was first performed as part of the Young Artists of Kingston Drama Camp program and was later performed by the Not So Amateur Amateurs: Kingston's Non-Profit Young People's Theatre Company at the Inverary Playhouse for delighted audience who were in awe of the fact that a tragic play like Othello could be turned into a comedy that was appropriate and entertaining for the whole family.
Anna and Christine are absolutely thrilled to accept this award. Anna is especially pleased as she is only 15 years of age and is already an award winning playwright!!!  And Christine, after writing over 30 plays including 5 full-length musicals, and being published with six different companies from around the world, has now fulfilled her life long ambition to win an award for her writing.
For more information, please contact Christine Harvey or 653-7529

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