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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Art Event - Languishing Bellows

Decomposing Pianos members Julia Krolik and Owen Fernley are presenting their second installation performance,  "Languishing Bellows" at the Upper Canada Academy of Performing Arts on August 19th at 9pm. This is an hour long set that features accordions, old chord organs from the 50's and a reed organ made by the Blatchford Organ Co. The mandate of Decomposing Pianos is to combine new technology in music with innovations of the past through live improvisation. Last year, Decomposing Pianos removed the malfunctioning action from a 100 year old upright piano to reveal the iron harp within. The harp was painted black and white to correspond with the keys, and was played as its own instrument alongside a functional upright and a modern-day keyboard. The reed organ is the precursor to the upright piano and has since become the grey area between the majestic pipe organ and the family piano found decomposing in many of our living rooms. The performance is sponsored by CFRC 101.9FM, more information on both performances can be found at

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